Push Pull Drag Sale on now!

Push Pull Drag Sale on now!

Right now you can push pull or drag your current vehicle down to Abbotsford Chrysler and get a guaranteed $2,500 no matter the condition! Even if your car is worth a lot less than $2,500 we will still pay you more! We have amazing offers on our new inventory and want to make this our best month ever! Come see just how motivated we are at the Push Pull Drag Sale on now at Abbotsford Chrysler!

Don’t forget you can ask us all about getting up to $10,000 Cash Back or how you can go up to 6 months with no payments!

Hurry in to get the first pick before it’s too late!

See even more by checking out new inventory!


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All offers are subject to approval conditions (OAC). Must have had name on vehicle registration for a minimum of 2 months to qualify for Push Pull Drag Offer. This offer is only Valid with a new vehicle purchase.Cash back amount is added to the vehicle loan and included in the payments. No payments for 6 months means payments are deferred not skipped. Full term of payments are still required to be paid in full to satisfy the terms of the finance contract. Payments would commence 6 months after contract date. Interest accrues during the payment free time based on contractual terms and must be satisfied regardless if full payment is made at any point. Cash back amount is added to the vehicle loan and included in the payments. All offers are net of all rebates and incentives and no 2 offers can be combined.Finance rates and terms are set by the manufacture and subject to change without notice. Offers expire at close on October 31st, 2017. DL#40139