Inspection Procedure

The Abbotsford Chrysler Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Procedure includes the standards and components that we inspect on all vehicles.

Inspection Procedure

TAG Platinum Select Vehicles

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
Includes the following inspection components:

  • Engine – We complete a full road test to check operation of engine and performance, audible inspection for abnormal engine noises, visual inspection for smoke from exhaust system as well as visual check of engine for active oil leads and a lubrication service is performed if required.
  • Transmission/Differentials – A road test is performed to check the transmission for shift points to be operating normally, check for slippage in automatic and manual applications, audible inspection for abnormal noises, visually inspect for active transmission fluid leaks, inspect level of fluid, audible inspection for abnormal differential noise, a visual inspection for active oil leaks, and check differential fluid level.
  • Brakes – The road test is completed for brake operation and performance, check for excessive brake pulsation, brake pull, parking brake operation, inspect brakes for wear and condition (a minimum of 3mm on brake pads and 2mm on brake shoe material is accepted), inspect brake fluid master cylinder level, check wheel cylinders for leakage, inspect brake calipers for proper operation and movement.
  • Steering/Suspension – The road test is completed to check for excessive steering play and steering pull, (vehicle alignment is not completed unless road test results in excessive pull), audible inspection for abnormal suspension and steering noises, visual inspection for active oil leaks, steering and suspension components inspected for excessive wear, check upper and lower ball joints, check upper and lower control arms, tie rod ends and constant velocity joints and boots, all fluid level checked.
  • Under Hood Inspection – We thoroughly inspect all fluid levels, check air filter condition, visually inspect cooling system and radiator condition, inspect belts and hoses for cracks or deterioration, check brake master cylinder, Air Conditioning system and compressor, fuel injection system and ignition system, perform battery test and a visual inspection for active oil leaks.
  • Under Vehicle Inspection – We inspect transmission and engine mounts, the exhaust system, (exhaust is not poked or pried to test strength of components), exhaust for leaks and proper secured components, a visual inspection for active oil leaks, fluid levels checked, tires inspected for wear and damage and must meet provincial inspection guidelines (tread depth at a minimum of 3/32nds).
  • Interior Inspection – We test all seat belts, inspect the instrument panel and warning lights indicator, check front and rear defrosters, horn, hood, air bag system, latch and fuel door operation.
  • Miscellaneous – We check the operation of all gauges,all lights, function of wipers, and heater operation. The rear defroster and wiper operations are checked, along with the operation of the power equipment checked (locks, windows, seats, mirrors, etc.), horn operations, audio system, cruise control operation checked, door latches and hinges inspected for proper operation. We recommend that most non-factory installed accessories are removed.

Further, all Abbotsford Chrysler Premium Select Used Vehicles sold have a 3 Month/5,000 Km Powertrain Warranty.

All vehicles sold as TAG Premium Select Used Vehicles have a 5 Day / 500 Km* Exchange Policy. Should you be unhappy with your Premium Used Vehicle, you may exchange it for another Premium Used Vehicle** at Abbotsford Chrysler
* Days or Kilometers, whichever occurs first
** Vehicle Exchange Privilege is limited to one exchange per client only

TAG Bronze Certified Used Vehicles

Mini Safety Inspection
Includes the following inspection components:

  • Lights – Check all exterior lights for correct operation including high and low headlights, signal lights, brake lights, reverse lights, and license plate lights
  • Windshield/Windshield Wipers – Check wiper blade operation and check windshield for cracks or stone chips
  • Tires – Check tires for damage, tire pressure and tread depth
  • Under Hood Inspection – Check vehicle coolant level, brake fluid level, power steering fluid level and transmission fluid level
  • Brakes – Check brakes for proper operation, measure and report remaining brake pads
  • Steering/Suspension – Check vehicle steering system and linkage, front and rear suspension, constant velocity joints and boots
  • Under Vehicle Inspection – Visually inspect for active fluid leak

For any further information on these programs, please contact us!