Get Out There with a TAG Customs Dodge Power Wagon

Rough, tough and ready to get out there, the Power Wagon is a special variant of the heavy-duty Ram 2500 that’s optimized for climbing over boulders and muscling through deep ruts. Like the rest of the Ram’s HD pickup lineup, it’s received several updates over the past few years that added significantly more output, capability and technology to the big truck.

There is certainly no shortage of niche truck suspensions in the aftermarket these days, each one designed for a certain type of customer. There are suspensions that can make your truck look like the ultimate desert racer. There are show truck suspensions that provide massive amounts of lift and eye-catching components. There are even truck suspensions that are designed purely for rock crawling. However, what about a well-engineered, properly tuned suspension system that is designed for the people who rely on their truck every day in the real world? What about all the people who want to install larger tires on their truck without sacrificing payload, ride quality or handling?

This was the inspiration behind the AEV 3″ DualSport Suspension System for the RAM 2500. AEV wanted to design the ultimate “real world” suspension system –one that allows greater performance off-road, while also improving driver comfort and vehicle handling characteristics on the road and maintaining the factory load carrying capacity.

On this Power Wagon you can find:

AEV 3″ Dual Sport Suspension
– Gives the truck a raised ride height without sacrificing the comfort that comes with the well-engineered stock Power Wagon. Ideal lift to fit 37’s.

AEV Air intake and Snorkel system
– Providing your engine with a clean supply of air is critical to your vehicle’s performance and longevity. AEV’s Snorkel air intake system is the essential engine protection accessory for overland adventurers whose exploration includes deep water crossings and dusty dirt roads. This snorkel is manufactured from extremely durable cross-linked polyethylene for maximum durability on the trail.

AEV 17″ Salta wheels
– The Salta HD for the Ram HD combines both modern styling and rugged durability in one great looking package. Inspired by the legendary Dakar Rally and named after the Argentine city along its route, the Salta HD’s race-inspired 16-spoke design not only looks great, but also adds significant strength to the wheel. AEV’s Signature recessed valve stems provide added protection from rocks and other objects on the trail. The 17×8.5 Salta HD features a Ram-specific backspacing that is designed for the perfect fitment with or without factory fender flares when using up to a 37” tire. This vehicle specific wheel design provides the optimal balance of tire clearance, scrub radius and handling.

37″ BFG A/T Ko2 Tires
– Great Tire for all types of road conditions. 37 inch tires gives us plenty of diff clearance and tire wall for tough terrain.

Abbotsford Chrysler and TAG Customs are here to outfit your vehicle with the best accessories so you can get out there. On your next trip to the wild outdoors you can trust that your vehicle is prepared. We only use the best aftermarket parts and you know they’ll last when they’re installed by our skilled craftsman and mechanics.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

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