Complimentary Extended Warranty Quote

Original manufacturer’s warranties only last so long. But an extended warranty will protect you from costly repairs long after your vehicle’s original warranty has expired.
Do I need an extended warranty?

With an extended warranty, you can avoid the stress and anxiety of unexpected repair bills and rest easy knowing that your financial investment is protected.

Not only will you enjoy peace of mind, but warranties from Abbotsford Chrysler include a number of additional benefits including extended roadside assistance, so you can take comfort knowing that you are never alone if you blow a tire or lock your keys in your car.

From basic power-train and engine components to premium electrical coverage, Abbotsford Chrysler provides different levels of coverage to meet your needs.
Where do I get started?

We believe in giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your warranty purchase. Get your complimentary quote and additional information on coverage by submitting our simple contact form, or give our finance department a call today.

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