What You Need to Know When Buying A Hybrid Car

There are many reasons to consider buying a hybrid or electric car. Not only are they better for the environment and save us a ton of money on gas, but they’re also highly praised for their sleek design and high-end interior. It seems like there’s no reason not to get a hybrid, right? 

What Hybrid Options Are Available?

  • Parallel Hybrids.

This is the most common engine available on the market; the electric motor and gas engine work together to propel the car forward. Ex: Toyota Prius

  • Mild, Light, or Micro Hybrids.

Has a smaller battery than a full hybrid; improves car’s performance but doesn’t offer that much fuel savings. Ex: 2019 Ram 1500

  • Series/Range-Extended Hybrids.

The gas engine is used to recharge the battery pack. Ex: BMW i3

  • Plug-in (PHEV) Hybrids.


Combination of hybrid and electric vehicles. This type of hybrid needs to be plugged in. Ex: Kia Niro


Electric Vehicles

Also called EVs, or battery electric vehicles (BEVs), this type of car has no gasoline engine, no exhaust, and no tank. The car is powered by a rechargeable battery 100% of the time, which means that you will need access to a reliable charging station. Because of its complete dependence on a battery, its range is shorter than a car run by gas. Fortunately, technology is improving all the time, making electric vehicles a substantial investment. The most popular example of a fully electric car is the Tesla.

Here are a few things to consider before you start your search of hybrid cars, courtesy of Abbotsford Chrysler:

The Upfront Costs

The price tag of a new or used hybrid may immediately send someone running for the hills. For instance, the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE starts at $35,717 compared to the Fusion SE, which starts at $32,212. The higher the trim, the more expensive the hybrid. When all is said and done, and all the bells and whistles have been added on, a low-end car can end up costing a lot more than a buyer ever bargained for. This has always been the case, so when shopping for a hybrid or electric model, beware that you will have to pay more upfront. 

Cost to Run

…But of course, the upfront costs may seem like small potatoes if you consider how much money you’ll save on gas. And in the current political and economic climate we’re dealing with, we may only see gas prices soar to unaffordable heights. According to the Daily Hive, drivers in British Columbia will save up to $800 a year at the pump and get more miles per gallon (or kilometres per litre) driving hybrid models.

Charging the Car

Taking the big leap from a gas-powered engine to a fully electric vehicle (EV) is the big dream for many drivers. Whether you’re just sick of gas prices or you’re doing your part to help the environment, there are many reasons to want to fork out the upfront costs of a fully electric vehicle. But there’s just one teeny-tiny problem with that: unless you live in the city, charging stations will be few and far between. 

Unfortunately, getting the juice you need is difficult if you live in some regions of BC, and many drivers are reluctant (or unable) to take their hybrid cars across long distances because of the lack of stations available to them.
Before deciding if a hybrid model is right for you, we recommend checking out ChargeHub, which is an interactive map of all available charging stations in Canada. Keep in mind that new charging stations are popping up all over British Columbia and the rest of the country, but these developments will be slow-going in remote areas. 

You Get What You Pay For

Just like regular cars, hybrids aren’t all built the same. Sure, the technology has been tried and tested for performance and efficiency, but there are still models that fall short of the hybrid hype. So, before you start shopping for the hybrid version of your dream car, take a look at the reviews. Many reputable review sites will give you the full scoop on what to expect from hybrid models. Check out these popular sites:

Resale Value

Technology is improving all the time. A 2019 hybrid will be way more energy efficient and much more reliable than its 2011 version. While you’ll save on upfront costs, you may end up spending that in repairs. When seeking an older model, we recommend doing your research to find out if the hybrid technology meets your standards.

The advantage of buying a hybrid car brand new is that you can expect a higher resale value. It’s not just because hybrids are the more ethical choice. Remember what we said about getting more miles per gallon? That little detail is worth a lot to buyers shopping around for second-hand cars. That same Ford Fusion Hybrid SE will sell for more than its gas-powered counterpart even if the only difference is what’s under the hood.

Extra Benefits and Government Perks

Did you know that when you buy a hybrid or electric car in British Columbia, you’re eligible for government incentives? The CEVforBC Vehicle Incentive Program offers drivers up to $3,000 when they purchase a new battery-electric car, hydrogen fuel cell car, or plug-in hybrid car. If you’re planning on leasing a plug-in hybrid, the government will offset this cost by $1,500. 

Looking for a Hybrid?

Come to Abbotsford Chrysler today to take a look at our hybrid and gas-powered Dodges, Jeeps, and Rams or contact us to book a test drive!

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Thinking About Getting a Hybrid? Here's What You Need to Know
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Thinking About Getting a Hybrid? Here's What You Need to Know
There are many reasons to consider buying a hybrid or electric car. Discover your hybrid options and perks.
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