It’s without a doubt Bo Horvat is making a name for himself in the NHL. Having one of his best performing seasons so far, Bo is now foreseen as becoming a future captain for the Canucks. Beyond his hockey skills either on or off the ice, we thought it was only natural to partner with this future leader as he also shares the same values we strive for as a team.

Tying in with the Trotman Auto Group values, “Be Awesome, Show Love, Have Fun & Own It”, why Bo?



As a whole, we continuously strive to inspire others by being great leaders in our industry— meaning, going beyond sales and volume. We are in the people business, after all.

Our goal for every transaction is to break the stigma around the car-buying stereotype.

At every game, whether off-season or not, Bo skates into the arena with one purpose in mind: to play the game to the best of his abilities and to stand out.


One way we show love is to give back to our community. We are committed to the youth in our surrounding communities; every  Tuesday, our team wakes up at the crack of dawn to help prepare and serve breakfast to the students of Jackson Elementary. We recognize the importance nutrition in children, especially when they’ll be facing a full day of learning and activities.

Last holiday season, instead of hosting our team parties and buying gifts for our team, we gathered our resources and donated to the Cyrus Centre— a non-profit organization that offers emergency shelters for youth facing troubles at home.

Bo also shares the same passion for the youth. He took some time off in his busy schedule to offer a unique pumpkin carving experience with the children of Canuck Place for sick children.


The guys in the locker room sure know how to have fun! This space may not be enough to show how much fun we actually have, so to keep in touch, here’s our Facebook.


Owning it means taking responsibility whether it ends in success or failure. We pride ourselves with this value with every deal, trade or a simple phone appointment.

We are all witnesses to Bo’s past two seasons. And he especially caught our attention numerous times when he rose to the occasion and helped the Canucks score goals and win. Bo knows how to own it.


Watch our interview with Canucks Centerman, Bo Horvat: 

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