It’s slow going. But you breathe in deeply, savouring the earthy smell after it has rained. It is quiet. Only the occasional bird call echoes throughout the forest as your wheels crunch on the dirt path. The pine trees gently caress your Jeep, welcoming you to the campsite. 

 Jeep is synonymous with adventures in off-roading. It is the vehicular companion that makes your dreams possible, from kayaking to camping to capturing that sublime photograph. A Jeep motivates you to take some time for yourself and for your family. A Jeep helps you unplug and return to nature. 

 You’re toying with the idea of buying a Jeep, but is it the right car for you?

 In anticipation of the new Jeep models, you should familiarize yourself with these essential things about Jeep.

#1: Jeep Is Affordable

Jeep models are one of the simplest vehicles around. They are lightweight and have effective maneuverability, making them ideal for those forested paths and tight squeezes. Because of their straightforward design, replacement parts are easy to find and inexpensive. 

 Our team is happy to help you figure out which parts—or accessories—you need and order them for you. We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), giving you a better price.  

 Additionally, Abbotsford Chrysler offers financial services, including pre-approved financing and payment options.  


#2: Jeep Is Trailer-Friendly

 The Jeep Wrangler is king when it comes to towing capacity. It can handle a whopping 1,588 kg! In general, Jeep models are made to tow about 907 kg. Since they’re made for off-roading, Jeep knows customers may use their vehicle for activities that require a trailer, whether it’s hauling a small mobile home or transporting equipment.  





#3: Jeep Is Adaptable

Jeep models have superior visibility because of their height, so you’ll see what’s coming on a starlit open road or on the Downtown streets. Many of the models, like the Cherokee, have warning features for blind spots, lane departure, and forward collision. It’s a brand that handles well cruising the pavement and climbing uneven terrain.   

#4: Jeep Has Space

Packing for the weekend or your kids’ hockey game? Space is not a problem for Jeep models. Up to five people can sit in a Jeep and still have ample trunk space. When there are less passengers, the seats fold down to accommodate larger equipment. 

#5: Jeep Has Customized Features

Depending on the model, you can opt for a sunroof to have a panoramic view of the great outdoors as you drive. You may also have the option of a flip-up windshield, which allows the driver and passengers to experience more of the outdoors compared to being encased in regular cars. 

 There are also many accessories to customize, including:


  • Grille Inserts
  • Bumpers
  • Lift Kits

  • Lights

  • Seat Covers
  • Spare Tire Covers

 When you buy a Jeep, you want everyone to know which one is yours!

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