Vehicle Recall Checks

Chrysler Recall Checks, Dodge Recall Checks, Jeep Recall Checks, and RAM Recall Checks
Vehicle recalls signal urgent safety hazards that may endanger you and others on the road. Whether they are issued by Transport Canada or voluntarily by the vehicle manufacturer, safety recalls are nothing to ignore.
How to check for a recall

There are two ways you can check for an open or unresolved recall.

Use the form below to request a free recall check. Simply enter your information along with your vehicle’s year, make and model, and/or VIN number. If your vehicle has an open recall, an Abbotsford Chrysler representative will contact you to schedule an appointment and have the recall resolved at no cost to you.

Perform a recall check with Transport Canada. If you find there is an open recall for your vehicle, contact the Abbotsford Chrysler service centre and schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians specifically trained to handle vehicle recalls.

No matter how you find the defect, you can trust in Abbotsford Chrysler’s service centre to make the repairs in as little time as possible.